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Registered Trademark Information

Click Link https://www.turkpatent.gov.tr/en/arastirma-yap?form=trademark FILE TRACKING > Application Number: 2020/64291
Trademark Name: Ome Tv
Client Number: 6818605
Trademark Announcement Bulletin Number: 353
Applicant Name: Zarife Nur Demirci
Registration Digit number: 38
Radio and television broadcasting services. Communication services (including internet service delivery services). News agency services.
Registration Digit number: 42
Scientific and industrial examination, research services; engineering services, engineering and architectural design services, testing of goods/services for quality and standard certification. Computer services: computer programming, computer virus protection, computer system design, designing, maintaining and updating websites on behalf of others, software design, rental and updating, internet search engine provision, hosting, computer equipment consulting, computer equipment rental services. All kinds of design services, which are included in this class and do not fall under the scope of engineering, architecture, computer services; graphic art design services (excluding advertising design and landscape design). Artworks authenticity verification services.
Ome tv brand cannot be used by any institution, organization, application market or person in Turkey without our permission.