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Video chat rules

Please always be respectful of other users. While using the chat service, the following behaviors are prohibited:

Disrespect in any way against sacred values, engage in inappropriate behavior, offend other users through action or speech;

Using a user's nationality, religion, gender or race to offend the user;

Threatening other users in any way.

It is forbidden to engage in obscene or adult-specific behavior while chatting. Users:

It is forbidden to display themselves naked or dressed only in underwear while chatting;

It is forbidden to display only their naked bodies without showing their faces;

It is forbidden to lower their video camera below the chest area;

They are prohibited from viewing their genitals or other private parts of their bodies;

It is forbidden to touch their genitals in a way that evokes sex, even through clothing;

It is forbidden to suggest or make a request to other users to have virtual or cyber sex;

They are prohibited from using obscene, obscene or sexually explicit words or expressions;

It is forbidden to make hand/arm/head movements or other movements that can be considered as bad manners.

OmeTV users want to see who they're talking to. It is forbidden to use other images or pre-recorded images instead of your own:

Do not point your camcorder towards the screen of your computer, mobile phone, tablet or television;

Do not point your camcorder towards still pictures or other unrelated images;

Do not point your camcorder towards any text message, book or other written text formats;

Do not use video camera emulators or other software that allows you to post unrelated images and/or video footage instead of your own.

It is forbidden to send any kind of spam messages to the chat section. Anytime:

You are prohibited from posting or displaying advertising images or messages;

You are prohibited from sending any third party links to other users during the chat;

You are prohibited from sending mass or duplicate text messages;

You are prohibited from asking other users to take any action on websites other than OmeTV - for example, to participate in a survey, vote, visit another website.

If another user violates the Chat Rules in your environment:

You can report the other user's behavior with a supportive image and message. Our moderators will make a decision based on the evidence to block the violator. Moderators are available to deal with complaints 24x7, including weekends and holidays;

If more than one complaint is received that a user violates the Chat Rules, systems are used to automatically block the violator. To prevent unfair or accidental blocking of users, a number of factors are taken into account within the scope of blocking systems;

If another user violates the Chat Rules or annoys you in any way, it is very important that the issue be resolved only through a formal complaint. Do not attempt to solve the problem by responding in a way that annoys the other user or violating the Chat Rules. If you do this, you will be blocked, as you will be violating the rules.

Please note: We are constantly working to prevent any violation of our Chat Rules and ensure that users who continue to violate the rules are penalized, and we take this very seriously. However, we cannot be held responsible for the actions of all users, nor can we guarantee that anyone who violates will be blocked. By making complaints and notifications about violators, you can help us make OmeTV a safer chat environment and help us identify and remove violators. By using our chat service, you agree to the Chat Rules given above. We reserve the right to make changes and adjustments in these rules from time to time. As OmeTV, we endeavor to notify users of such changes, but it is OmeTV users' own responsibility to monitor such changes.