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This document, which can also be referred to as "User Agreement" or "Contract" from beginning to end, is signed by individuals, businesses and organizations (Users) with OmeTV (ometv.it is a legally binding agreement between chat).Dec. The OmeTV mobile application, which may also be referred to hereinafter as the "Website" or the "Website" and hereinafter as the "Application" or the "Application", and both together may be referred to as the "Services" throughout this agreement) .

The terms "we", "Us" and "our" may also be used to refer to OMETV, while the terms "you", "your", "User" and "Visitor" may be used to refer to OMETV. All users of OmeTV Services. The terms "Content" and "Contents" are used to refer to any material made available through OmeTV.

You confirm that you are at least 18 years old in order to access and use all the services provided by OmeTV.

By using our Services, you agree that you will comply with the terms of this User Agreement, the OmeTV Guidelines and the Chat Rules. You also confirm that you accept our Privacy Policy.

Accessing and using the Services on OmeTV

Registration and User Accounts:

Access to your User Account and use of our Services is obtained through a login username and password or a social network account (hereinafter both referred to as "Credentials" or "User Credentials"), which is used to verify your identity. The real User for the use of our Services. All Users are fully responsible for the security of User Credentials.

Without clear evidence of fraud, all actions performed using your User Credentials are assumed and accepted to have been performed by you.

The processing and storage of all personal information provided to OMETV by Users of our Services is carried out in accordance with the conditions described in our Privacy Policy.

All problems and/or expenses related to Internet connections and/or mobile data connection services are the responsibility of the individual User. OmeTV advises all Users to clarify the cost of any Internet or data connection before using our services if you are unsure.

OmeTV reserves the right to stop operating as a Service (temporarily or for an indefinite period of time) or to perform maintenance on one or more of our Services. In addition, we reserve the right to change one or more of our Services:

Problems with our servers, hardware or software failures, hacker attacks, etc. for technical reasons, for example.

To make updates to our hardware or software for the benefit of our Services and/or user experience.

In any case, for legitimate reasons, such as privacy-related objections or legitimate objections related to the content or maintenance of our Services.

If we decide that a Service no longer has a commercial reason to continue operating.

If there are any changes in the services provided by us.

OmeTV does not specifically exclude cases where our Services are unavailable due to technical or maintenance problems (temporarily or for an indefinite period of time). Our service is not exempt from viruses, hacker attacks, hardware and software failures, and other unexpected problems that are beyond our control.

We do not accept responsibility for any problems or damages, including property damage, suffered by Users of our Services for technical reasons.

We do not accept responsibility for any problems or damages experienced by Users of our Services caused by Internet or data failures.

We promise that in the event of any technical or maintenance problems, we will take every possible measure to ensure that our Services continue to operate correctly.

user content

You are responsible for owning all copyrights of the materials you provide and their Contents.

By providing Us with your Content, you automatically grant Us a non-exclusive, free and indefinite global license to use such Content in any way. This includes any modification of the Content and the use of such Content for commercial purposes.

The copyright of all Content remains the property of the User who provided it.

Graphics, UI design, etc. available in our services. all other Content, including the copyright, belongs to Us.

You agree not to use any Content available on our Service that you do not own the copyright to, including, but not limited to, Content provided by OmeTV and Content provided by other Users. You also agree not to transfer any Content for use by third parties.

You agree that you will not provide any Content that violates our Terms of Service and Principles, the rights of other Users, or that may be considered obscene or offensive to others.

You agree not to promote, advertise or offer any commercial services while using our Services.

We reserve the right to delete any Content provided by Users that violates our Terms and Guidelines, rules or the copyrights of third parties without prior notice or warning to the User.

We agree to comply with our Privacy Policy at all times.

paid services

We offer some paid services to our Users both on our Website and in our Mobile Application.


Paid services cannot be transferred to third parties.

We may offer additional paid features on our Services, such as the ability to lift a ban before the October ban expires. These paid features can be purchased through in-app payments in our Mobile Application or through a number of payment methods recommended on our Website. It is the responsibility of all Users to check the paying conditions of the payments made through our Mobile Application.

All payments made for paid services both in our Mobile Application and on our Website are final and are not subject to refund.

The pricing of paid services is determined by a number of factors, including, but not limited to, promotions, loyalty bonuses and other discounts applicable to age groups and activities on our Services.

External URLs

We reserve the right to place links to external websites and third-party products throughout our Services.

Only reputable third-party resources, we try to provide links to third-party web sites for the privacy of your personal information on the safety of such content on the sites or on any external web sites we do not accept no responsibility or liability for action you can do.

Termination of access

You reserve the right to delete your profile in our Services or uninstall the Mobile Application.

When using our Services, you violate the Chat Rules, the terms of this User Agreement, or 3 of this Agreement. any User who provides or distributes the Content indicated on his page, including any notice or obligation (financial or other):

Suspension or cancellation of a User's registration (if named) and/or a restriction or restriction imposed on a User's access to Our Services.

The right to use any software, technical, legal and other means to ensure that these Conditions are met (including, without limitation, the blocking of certain IP addresses).

We try to inform all Users about such restrictions, but we are not obliged to do so.

The limitation of liability, disclaimers and all provisions related to or related to compensation will remain valid even after any termination of this Agreement or any termination of your use of Our Services.

Abuses and complaints

Any abuse, violation of the rules of the chat and/or other users are copyright by the inappropriate use our services offered e-mail addresses, contact forms and other communication methods may be reported.

Chat Rules, or violation of the terms of this agreement to the Privacy Policy and/or illegal activities such as making inappropriate comments to other users tried to solve conflicts with other users of our services by users who are obliged to have the right to access our services. it is temporarily or permanently limited according to page 6 in this Agreement.

Limitation of liability

We are not responsible for any transactions performed by our Users during our Services or the Content provided by them.

Arising from neglect of direct, indirect, incidental, penalties and/or losses, including lawsuits, fines, charges, damages, liabilities, including liabilities arising from each type and nature of the costs resulting from the use of our services, we do not accept any responsibility for. service outages, data loss due to virus attacks, hardware damage, loss of income, loss of Opportunity, Office, loss of time, breach of contract, Third-party claims, or other foreseeable losses as they will be able to occur during the use due to the use of our services, or would. This limitation of liability, damage to your equipment, mechanical or electrical equipment or communication lines that may cause you to fail the transmission of any software virus or other connection problems (such as the impossibility of access to the internet) against unauthorized access include, but are not limited to. theft, injury, property damage, operator errors, strikes or force majeure, including, but not limited to, loss of income, loss of profit or contract, loss of job, expected loss of savings, loss of reputation, loss of data, loss of working time and any other kind of loss or damage.

with sudden effect. Your continued use of our Services after the entry into force of any changes means that you accept all changes and amended terms of this Agreement.